Coming Soon

Program will launch JUNE 3rd 2018. But for now, here are a couple workouts you can try:

Monday: Max Effort Leg & Conditioning

A. Box Squat
With Barbell, Kettlebells or Dumbells
Work up to a heavy 5 reps when you
you find your 5 repetition
max do 5 sets of 5 reps                                                  5X5

B. Deadlift
With Barbell, Trapbar, Kettlebells or Dumbells
Moderate weight 75% to 85% 1RM                                 6X1

C. Conditioning 5X
Medicine Clean & Squat complex                                 X10
KB swing                                                                         X10
20 - 30 yd sled push                                                      Moderate Weight
(Don't have a sled? Walking Lunges)
Rest 3 min. between rounds.

Tuesday: Active Recovery or Short Interval

A. Active Recovery
Yoga Class
B. Run
or Row
Run: 8X400M  Repeats 2 Minutes Rest between intervals
Row: 8X500M  Repeats 2 Minutes Rest between intervals