See what students & clients have to say about Brian!

"I have been training with Brian for over a year now.  I have learned so much from Brian, not only on physical training, but nutrition and yoga as well.  I have had lower back issues for almost two years.  Brian has adapted my training to be proactive in building my strength to support my back.  I am also an avid runner and swimmer, and Brian has incorporated my training to support these sports. I have also added yoga to my training.  I tell Brian that yoga is the treat to my weekly routine.  Brian makes it fun and truly takes the stress out of my week.  Brian has helped me drop extra weight and I have less back pain than ever before. Thanks Brian!"

Glenn W.

"Brian Landers has trained me, as well as my two teenage children. He is energetic, engaged, personable and organized with a specific plan. He has proven to be a “magician” in terms of seeing the imbalances in the body and coming up with a course of action to fix whatever is wrong. He can also develop a program for injury prevention, maintenance and nutrition. He truly understands his clients and their bodies and can adapt to different needs. Our entire family feels fortunate to know and work with him."

- Stacie T

Brian is a skilled yoga instructor with an incredible range of health and fitness knowledge. His classes are carefully constructed, incorporating the perfect blend of physical and spiritual challenge. Brian’s warm personality makes class fun, and I always leave feeling strong, balanced and energized, with an overall sense of calmness.
— Jennifer P.
I’ve been practicing yoga for many years, and I’ve worked with Brian for three of them. In that time, I’ve learned more about functional movement, alignment in postures, and how the body is designed than in all the other years combined. Brian is a master of creating a class that feels good in your body while challenging you to meet your edge - whether it is a mental edge or a physical one. Either way, you come out feeling better than when you walked in.
— Nancy K.
Brian is an excellent teacher. Very direct and easy to understand. I have learned so many small things that have made a world of difference in my personal practice. I am forever grateful for the time I had with him in Kansas City.
— Amy H.
Someone once asked me why I liked practicing with Brian, my answer was because he makes us strong, and not just meaning physically. Brian’ s classes are challenging but he encourages you to be strong in your mind and your will to explore new things in your practice and you sometimes don’ t realize until later what that preparation has prepared you for in your practice and in your life. His knowledge of anatomy and movement makes his classes accessible for all practitioners from ballerina to football player. He is truly a teacher not just an instructor telling you what asanas to perform. The energy, joy and passion he has for yoga is evident after just 1 class with him.
— Jackie S.
I began training with Brian after suffering an injury that kept me from playing tennis for many months. Brian was able to stabilize and strengthen my lower body, and significantly increase my speed and agility. Brian is so knowledgeable about anatomy and body mechanics, and he knew specifically what was needed to get me back to my sport. Brian also really cared about my progress and took the time to work with me in the studio, in the gym and even on the tennis court.
— Michael P.
I first started working out with Brian because chronic pain and numbness was keeping me from meeting my fitness aspirations. Brian’s dedication to continuing education, hands on approach, and unique insights helped me fix my running gait and strengthen my core to improve functionality. Brian is literally hands on—He will try to figure out just which muscles are hurting and why. He is the Swiss- army knife of trainers. He has a solution for whatever problem a client’s body presents. He will research tireless to figure out new techniques to help his clients. In my case, he gave me daily stretches to keep me pain free and an arsenal of tips and tools to use when needed. Brian provides challenging workouts which keeps fun. Even though it is hard work, I always look forward to my sessions. Most of all, I know that Brian truly cares about me as a client and wants me to be as healthy as I can be. He is a champion for his clients.
— Bea F.
I had the opportunity to study with Brian by happenstance when I signed up for a Mexican retreat knowing almost nothing about him. The experience could not have been better. Having work with many yoga instructors over the years I can truly say Brian has a unique gift..not only is he incredibly knowledgeable about all the limbs of yoga but his understanding of anatomy and ability to safely challenge students of all levels was impressive. To top it off he is truly a good human being who easily connected with the diverse group of students at the retreat in a genuine and humble way. Looking forward to the next retreat with him.
— Corrie B.
“Practicing with Brian is like taking yoga from a centuries-old zen soul who has spent lifetimes humbly mastering yoga as his craft. His intuition and calm confidence infuse the classroom with a feeling of trust and community as students drop deep into themselves and flow with the breath to discover strength and peace within.“ Though he is calm and gentle, his practices are intended to provide a physical challenge pushing students to the edge. Classes are carefully sequenced, safe and accessible to all levels from beginner to advanced yogis and are designed to build a balance of strength, flexibility and body awareness. Sequencing is also intended to create a balance between flow and stillness so students can experience a moving inquiry meditative yoga practice, as well as take time to align and feel individual poses on the body.

While Brian’s passion is for yoga, fitness and spirituality; his superpower is his innate ability to inspire others. But it’s a sneaky superpower. In his class, students find themselves unconsciously letting go of fear and being open to challenging themselves mentally and physically…believing in their own abilities to do great things and embracing the sweaty challenge. Many of them find themselves doing arm balances, standing on their heads or hands for the first time. Others find they enjoy the feeling that comes from living in a stronger, more aligned and functional body. Even more find themselves with a lasting feeling of calm, satisfaction and natural high that carries over into every day life.
Brian is one of the best instructors I’ve ever had. He as a unique ability to set the pace for the class and then inspire each student to practice at their level. Brian knows when to encourage a student to try a new, harder position. Positive reassurance always means so much in a yoga practice.
— Karen Z.
I’m addicted to Brian’s knack for putting together a yoga flow that progresses logically in the body. His classes offer a unique mix of healing and strengthening. I count on my weekly hour with Brian to right all the wrongs I do myself in workouts and daily activities.
— Susan M.