To improve one’s quality of life through strength, power and endurance in an intelligent
and safe way, using breath work and meditation to empower one’s mind.
For the lifestyle athlete and beyond.


New Class Starting

February 5th 2018

I am offering a 13 week program based on my personal strength and conditioning programing, including powerlifting, kettlebell work, old school bodybuiding, plyometrics/jump training, strongman, yoga and some good old fashioned conditioning & speed work. Don't fear. The workouts can be scaled and you will be in control of those decisions.

The program is based on a combination of several different strength and conditioning methods to combine the best of the best. You will train to build all aspects of strength including explosiveness, absolute strength, etc. It will also include a healthy amount of short interval, long interval and stamina conditioning to build endurance along with active recovery and self care.

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