Week 1 5/27 - 6/2 2018

First and foremost, welcome!

Today’s Coaches Notes will be a lot longer than usual because I have a few things to point out. Please take the time to read through them.

Firstly, I am now offering this program based on my personal strength and conditioning programing, including powerlifting, kettlebell work, old school bodybuiding, plyometrics/jump training, strongman, yoga and some good old fashioned conditioning & speed work. I will do my best to scale things but let me be clear. IF SOMETHING HURTS – DON’T DO IT! Movement should support your life and there is no point in doing things that inhibit your day-to-day life.

Now for some explanations about things you’ll be seeing in the program that you may not be familiar with.

1) “Loaded” Squats. “Loaded” Lunges. “Loaded” Turkish Get Ups. “Loaded” Ground to Overhead. “Loaded” simply means that you can choose whatever implement you like. Your implement can be a Barbell, Kettlebell (single or double), Dumbell (again, single or double), Sandbag, slam ball, medicine ball or a Rucksack loaded with whatever you have available (bricks wrapped in a towel to protect your ruck, are a good option.) You can also carry to implement in whatever position you like; front rack, back rack, goblet, bear hug, by your sides, overhead. As much as I want to challenge you, it’s also about being smart.
2) You will have much better success if you keep track of your exercises, implements and weights week to week.
3) All loaded movement will be listed in a RPE (rate of perceived effort 1 - 10) scale. For example: Loaded squat RPE 7 - Means it feels heavy and isn’t easy, you can still perform each rep with good technique, and you have a few reps left in the tank each set.
4) The workouts work in 3 week waves. Meaning, you will work 3 weeks with weights and the 4th week will be primarily high volume bodyweight.
5) Workout week format. Monday - Lower Body HEAVY Tuesday - Active Recovery and/or Short Interval (I will program for run/walk and rowing) Wednesday - Upper Body HEAVY Thursday - Active Recovery and/or Sled Work Friday - Lower Body Dynamic Strength Saturday – Stamina/Active Recovery/Recreation Day  (I will program for run/walk and rowing) Sunday - Upper Body Dynamic Strength + Conditioning
6)  If you do not do know how to do something look it up ;-) Hopefully videos demos will be coming soon
7) Have fun! If you have questions: blande01@gmail.com or leave them in the comments on the website.
8) Sets and Repetitions are listed as 3X8 - do 3 sets of 8 repetitions. 


Your Workout for the week!

Monday: Max Effort LowerBody

A. Loaded Box Squat
Work up to a heavy for the day
At heaviest                                                        RPE 8 5X5

B. Loaded Deadlift (From the ground)
Moderate weight 75% to 85% 1RM                     RPE 7 3X3

C. Conditioning 5X
KB or DB Clean squat complex                   RPE 7 X10
KB or DB swing                                 RPE 7 X10
Loaded Walking Lunges                          RPE 7 6 steps each leg
Rest 2 min. between rounds.

Tuesday: Short Interval

A. Yoga Class

B. RUN or Row
Run 8X400M  Repeats 2 Minutes Rest

Row 8X500M  Repeats 2 Minutes Rest

These are all out as fast as you can.

Wednesday: Max Effort UpperBody

A. Loaded Floor Press 
Work up to a heavy for the day
At heaviest                                                     RPE 8 5X5

B. Accessory
Incline KB Bench                                            RPE 7 3X10
Single arm Loaded overhead Press               RPE 7 3X10
Rope/TRX Rows                                                       3X10
Heavy Lat Pull Downs                                    RPE 8 5x3
Heavy Bent over Rows                           RPE 8 3X5
Bicep Curls                                    RPE 6 3X10
Tricep Rope Extensions                         RPE 6 3X10

Thursday Long Interval/Active recovery
A. Sled Work
    15 min. sled drag forward
     5 min. sled drag 30M forward 30M backward
     5 min. sled drag lateral step
(Don't have a sled? Check out this tutorial on how to make one - http://camykennedy.com/diy-tire-sled-pull/ or load a backpack up with 20 lbs. and walk for 20 minutes.


B. Row
20 min. at 70%


C. Yoga Class

Friday: Dynamic Effort LowBody
A. Loaded Box Squats

@70% of the weight you used Monday.  RPE 5 12X2
(So do the same squat you performed Monday)

The purpose of these is to work on power and speed. So perform the 2 reps with just a quick touch and go on the box. Do 2 reps and rest for 30 seconds. No longer - No shorter. Time the rest intervals. Again we are working in 3 week waves so the percent will go up every week. So don't worry, they will get harder

B. Jumps
     forward 12 in. hurdle jumps 20 jumps total
     Lateral 12 in. hurdle jumps 20 jumps total
     Box Jumps 5X5
(This is not conditioning! this is power development. Don't rush these. Take plenty of times between sets maybe 2 minutes.)

C. Conditioning: 3X Rounds
    - Asymmetrical KB or DB Squats with front rack x12
    - KB or DB Straight Leg Deadlifts x10
    - Asymmetrical KB or DB Reverse Lunges x8 each leg
    - KB or DB Swings x12
D. StrongMan
     4 heavy sled pulls 25M
Don't have a sled. Forget this one ;-)

Saturday: Stamina/Active Recovery/Recreational
A. Run

3 x 1600M
Rest until HR <99 between sets.


B. Yoga


C. Mononstructural
Cover as much distance as possible in 20:00 of Mononstructural activity (Run/Row/Bike/Ski Erg/Swim/Air Dyne)


D. Sport
Play a sport for at least 30 minutes

Sunday: UpperBody DE & Conditioning

A. Med Ball 
Chest Throws against a wall 8-10 lbs. ball    5X5

B. Double KB or DB Clean & Press                    RPE 6 6X5

D. Conditioning 4 Rounds
2X Turkish up
12 Hindu PushUps
20 Ring/TRX rows
Loaded Farmers Walk 30M 

E. Strong Man 2 Rounds w/DB or KB
15 seconds of Hercules Hold with Thumbs Facing Up
15 seconds of Hercules Hold with Palms Down Up
15 seconds of Hercules Hold with Palms Facing Up
30 seconds of Overhead Hold

Coming Soon

Program will launch JUNE 3rd 2018. But for now, here are a couple workouts you can try:

Monday: Max Effort Leg & Conditioning

A. Box Squat
With Barbell, Kettlebells or Dumbells
Work up to a heavy 5 reps when you
you find your 5 repetition
max do 5 sets of 5 reps                                                  5X5

B. Deadlift
With Barbell, Trapbar, Kettlebells or Dumbells
Moderate weight 75% to 85% 1RM                                 6X1

C. Conditioning 5X
Medicine Clean & Squat complex                                 X10
KB swing                                                                         X10
20 - 30 yd sled push                                                      Moderate Weight
(Don't have a sled? Walking Lunges)
Rest 3 min. between rounds.

Tuesday: Active Recovery or Short Interval

A. Active Recovery
Yoga Class
B. Run
or Row
Run: 8X400M  Repeats 2 Minutes Rest between intervals
Row: 8X500M  Repeats 2 Minutes Rest between intervals